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Rebecca Guy - UK Author

“I have never been so wrapped up in a story. The suspense and spooky goings on were so atmospheric it literally had my heart racing at times.”

Goodreads Review - Ruin

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"I've been addicted to ghost stories since I was a young child, but for me a scary story isn't enough. I sprinkle my stories not only with shadows and a creak on the stairs, but relationships, drama, love, and that all important bad guy or girl, to give you the perfect blend of not only ghosts, but hints of romance, mystery, and suspense from the living too."

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ebook 6x9 Ivy Cottage front cover FINAL.png

Four years after a brutal attack, Willow Townsend remains in a constant spiral of terror, panic, and closed walls, despite the help of her psychiatrist boyfriend, Carlton. Determined things must change she rents a tiny, isolated cottage in the Scottish Highlands. Alone. Somewhere she can hide, somewhere she can begin to heal… somewhere she can feel safe.

But Ivy Cottage hides secrets of its own, and its gruesome past is just as terrifying. Isolated and cold, wind whispers through the rooms, strange messages appear on mirrors and windows, and dark shadows huddle in the hallway, where chilling noises emerge from the empty cupboard. When a dark figure is glimpsed in the hallway, Willow begins to doubt her sanity.

Terrified and trapped, Willow must face the demons that hide in the  walls, and face her own demons head on, as Ivy Cottage’s terrifying secrets begin to expose themselves, and Willow’s harrowing past rushes to meet her… for her attacker is out of jail. He is seething, single-minded, and is determined that she pay for what she did. The only currency he wants is her life, and he is determined to take it – whatever the cost. 

Safety is the only thing Willow needs, but Ivy Cottage has never been safe. Death is never far away, and it’s walls seem to be destined to be splattered with fresh blood.


"The perfect blend of ghost story, psychological thriller, and romance."

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Rebecca Guy

Author of spooky tales of love, loss and suspense that will give you chills.


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